Frequently Asked Questions

How long do custom hats take?

If you need a brim or a logo custom made, it could take about 5-7 days for designing and processing. This is not including shipping times, which vary. You can choose a faster processing rate during creation of your custom product.

Is there any warranty?

Our quality products are guaranteed for one year based on typical wear and tear, and proper care.

What are the straw hats made out of?

Our lifeguard straw hats are made from raffia straw. They're lined with a cotton sweatband and have stainless steel eyelets. Finished with a poly adjustable draw cord fit with a wooden bead detail. We use an industrial gluing process to fix our patches onto the hat

Do the hats provide SPF?

Our straw hats provide SPF 50, keeping you shaded and protected.

Can I put more than one patch on a hat?

Our hats are made to fit one single patch. With the amount of options we have to choose from, you won't miss out on intricate and colorful designs.

My hat arrived bent at the brim. What do I do?

It's normal for your straw hat to arrive with the brim bent slightly upward. Gently bend the hat brim back down, and place on a flat surface overnight. Your hat should be back to normal shape in no time. If there's anything else wrong with your purchase, please contact us so we can help you out!

Is the straw hat waterproof?

Our hats are water resistant. Rain and outdoor activities are something our hats and patches can hold up to, but we recommend avoiding submerging your hats whenever possible. Do not machine wash your hat. Leather does not hold up well to heavy moisture. If you have a leather patch, we recommend taking a soft damp cloth and using light pressure, wiping the surface of the patch. You can hand wash your hat with gentle soap and a soft bristled brush, and rinse afterward. Avoid submerging completely underwater.